I’m a binge eater. It started in the dark basement pantry of my youth, where I consumed snack after snack in secret. I found intricate hiding spots for discarded wrappers and bottles, hoping no one would see. Continuing into adulthood, I use food as an outlet for my stress and anxiety. I will binge and hide any evidence buried in the trash so no one will find it.  

“you can’t eat your feelings” is a series of polaroid photographs of my recent binges. Using polaroids was a way to instantly document binges as they happen. I reflected on each moment with a hand written phase to remember the feelings I was processing or avoiding at the time. 

This series is a safe place for those struggling with a binge eating disorder. It gives a voice to their experiences and insight into a hidden world of an unconventional eating disorder. Although everyone’s traumas are different, they all have a similar thread throughout.

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